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Located in New York City, this uniquely designed coffee shop completely caught my eye.  It smacks of innovative interior design & architectural genius.  Walls, floor & ceiling are adorned with wallpaper that envokes bewildered glances, head nods & impressed smiles.  Refrigerated glass counters display the day’s food offering, and a nifty front refrigeration panel invites customers to grab their own drinks.

The lighting is fairly sterile, yet works well with the elements of wallpaper design, wooden paneling, subtle furniture & stainless steel throughout the service area.

Find D’Espresso on 317 Madison Ave at 42nd Street, NYC.

* D’Espresso is the brainchild of the architects & design gurus at Nema Workshop.  Images courtesy of & credits due to The Cool Hunter for featuring this little gem!



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I’ve been doing a lot of research into kids & baby food recently, and came across this incredible brand.  Ella’s Kitchen is an organic baby & toddler food brand available throughout Britain & parts of Europe, with a recent foray into the American market.

As the name suggests, the focus at the beginning of this venture was for eleven year old Ella & her brother.  Ella’s parents wanted their daughter & her generation to be exposed to healthy, delicious food that also had an element of cool in it.  Food that oozed goodness, yet was convenient for the parents buying it.

The range spans the 3 stages of baby & toddler food, as well as offering a range of breakfast items, snacks, cooking sauces & smoothies.  Apart from the awesome contents, the packaging is seriously fab, as is the website.

The range has been given the thumbs up by a consulting dietician & has been developed using methods of cooking & packaging that gives the products a long shelf life, but ensures that all the nutrients still remain & is safe for little person consumption.  There are some really adventurous flavour combinations available, but none that I think a child would turn their nose up at were they fed these delightful treats.

Ella’s Kitchen definitely secure their spot in The Cool Corner.

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